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The Black Nurses Rock Foundation is seeking candidates to serve a one-year term on a committee for the 2021-2022 term. You may nominate yourself or someone else using this form. Multiple nominations are permitted. BNRF Committee members work together to inspire and empower innovative leaders that will serve and educate vulnerable communities. Each committee will be comprised of a chair and at least 2 other members. 

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The following committees are available to join:
  • Social Media Marketing Committee: The role of the Committee is to promote BNRF’s community, events, and resources while creating an engaging platform for members to engage in social media, virtual events, PR, and other marketing outlets. The committee will be comprised of a chair and at least 3 other members who will develop the social media calendar, strategic plan, and implementation. The committee will also provide moderation to posts, review comments, and manage group membership. Other volunteers may be enlisted to help create and implement content.
  • Event Planning Committee: The role of the Committee is to define the theme of the annual meeting, determine content for each session, and recruit speakers. In most cases, individual members of the committee will take responsibility for individual sessions by identifying panelists, serving as their contact, and working with them to develop the session. The Committee is also responsible for identifying and contacting potential sponsors and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Newsletter Committee: The role of the Committee is to gather and review members submissions to create a monthly newsletter for digital distribution. The committee will use an existing template to complete the graphic design and layout of the newsletter. The committee is also responsible for gather new stories, create ideas for articles, or create member polls for new topics.
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